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Engaged Arizona functions to truly engage voters in the world of politics at all levels through a nonpartisan, logical approach. The first step to engagement, if you are eligible, is to register to vote in your state. It’s easy, fast, and opens a gateway for change!

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What We Do.

Register the Voter.

We believe that our vote is our voice. While we can’t all be in government or be founders of nonprofits, we can choose our leaders. It is invaluable to cast our ballot.

Inform the Voter.

We believe that all voters should have access to the information they need to vote. Whether it is finding their polling place or researching the policy ideas of candidates, we provide assistance through our regular newsletters, voter guides, and online resources.

Connect the Voter.

We enable Arizonans to contact their leaders and immerse themselves in a community of other voters to find clarity, truth, and engage in discussions about policies, our leaders, and much more.

Connect With Us

At Engaged Arizona, we are open and honest about what we do, who we interact with, and why. This helps us stay out of the muck and enables us to get our mission completed. For more information about our affairs as an organization, visit